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I invite you to explore and enjoy my fine art collections
20201021-603A2630 - sugarloaf -L- 300dpi - orig - unsharp-Edit.jpg
Our connection to the ocean is fundamental to our well-being, essential for a balanced and sustainable existence.
Yachting has always appealed to our sense of adventure and exploration, man against nature.
Surfing conveys a sense of freedom from constraints and a connection to the vastness of the sea.
20231116-_03A0130-Edit-The fisherman - M -L-wip-orig size.jpg
The beach is a place that holds a special meaning for many people. Whether it's the peacefulness or the excitement of the sea and sky, those who love the beach share a common bond. These artworks capture the essence of that feeling, transporting you to your own special place and evoking a sense of belonging.
Among other things, Art  can be a purveyor of hope through its beauty, or remind us to remain optimistic in adversity, or simply to surround ourselves with images that have some special meaning.   Art has a therapeutic power.
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