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 About me

Alan Park

 "I hope you share my feelings of 'just being there' with a sense of delight in the beauty around us that you may have "looked at" but not taken the time to truly "see". 

I am a self taught Perth-based photographer who has been inspired  not only by the great photographers of the early 20th century like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Edward Steichen, but also by JMW Turner and the Impressionists. 


Photography is a visual language which communicates something to us, consciously or unconsciously.  At its basic level a photo conveys a sense of time, character, place or event. At a deeper level a photo may remind us of memorable places, times and experiences; they may give pleasure; or stimulate emotions; or simply provide a medium to reconnect with the world around us by taking the time to "see" a moment in time. 


I am interested in natural, abstract and urban landscapes, and the people within them.  This is subject matter that provides me with my principal source of inspiration. 

I aspire to be creative in my photography through the thoughtful use of viewpoint, composition, and camera settings to suit the subject matter.  I use both Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance the tonal and colour contrasts to convey to enhance the essential elements in the image.  In that regard I use Sean Bagshaw's video tutorials and guides to using Tony Kuypers' TK7 Actions Panel to post-process my images.

Alan Park | Fine Art Photography

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